Businesses can follow below strategies to leverage the online reviews to influence customer’s purchase decision.

Display Reviews and Ratings on your company website
Displaying reviews on your website can increase sales by 270% on average. On a similar note, mobile-friendly websites makes it easy to view and post reviews and help increase the online sales.

Embrace Negative Reviews

We have already discussed earlier in our blogs that the negative reviews establish credibility and authenticity. Customer’s decision is most influenced when the product rating is between 4.2 and 4.5 stars and starts dropping when the star rating reaches 5.0.

Follow-up Emails and SMS for seeking reviews
Businesses should follow-up their customers post-purchase by sending them SMS or emails asking for their reviews. Verified customers increases the credibility of a review and improves the odds of purchase by 15%. Businesses should make extra effort in labeling the identified buyers who visits the social business pages and leave reviews for their business.